What Gives Cryptocurrency its Value?
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What Gives Cryptocurrency its Value?

About Cryptocurrency Value 

The phrase itself does not exist; web browsing proves it. All results generate the latest prices that may confuse all the beginners in the crypto industry. The difference between the two concepts lies in the following: the price is how much a commodity is worth, and people pay that cost to acquire one; value is what they get from the purchase. 

A coin has to be full of functions and features for any problem solution; otherwise, it will never gain any value. The world desires coins to act as a store of value, medium of exchange, a unit of account, and a tool that builds smart contracts. Not all cryptocurrencies provide those processes. This piece explains why and covers all the other value-related matters.

Brief Definition of Cryptocurrency

It is not news that cryptocurrency developers are striving to fully replace fiat money with digital assets. Every single e-currency is the result of the science of cryptography and blockchain technology combination. The mixture allows quick, affordable, and decentralized transactions, exchanges, and conversions. 

Blockchain is a cyber public ledger where data about completed transfers records and collects in a complex way to make hacking or cheating the system impossible. 

Is It Crucial for Crypto Coins to Have Value?

Having value is inevitable since currencies serve as a store of value as well. Plus, if a cryptocurrency does not have any value, then it neither inspires trust, investments, interest nor has any capacity in the end. 

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What Gives Cryptocurrency its Value?

  • Supply and demand dynamics. Supply introduces how much of goods, services, or e-currency is available to buy at any moment in time. Demand refers to people’s desire to own it. Any cryptocurrency owns value with time; once people believe it is worth investment, trading, transfer, exchange, conversion, and other operations, the value can fluctuate based on supply and demand, or the price that a person is ready to pay for it.
  • Community engagement, scarcity, divisibility, utility, transportability, and durability. Community loyalty measures by the appropriate marketing strategy for this or that software currency, as follows sharing the latest updates and projects on a specific platform; good-level resource commitment; rapidly reacting to comments and questions; managing forum content and post blogs regularly, etc. Utility refers to the use of cryptocurrencies, their ability to solve problems, and more productive approach to a process finalization. Crypto coin utility can also include dividend payments, mode of exchange within a blockchain ecosystem, voting rights, and more. Scarcity relates to the number of digital coins or tokens in circulation. Transferring finances within the existing financial system can take days to complete and cost a large amount, depending on the selected quantity for transportation. 
  • The importance of a cryptocurrency at some point reminds a stock because it deserves $0 of contribution if no one wants to buy it. And when the majority is keen on it, the price is limitless. Google, Apple, and other corporations and cryptocurrencies as Bitcoin are prime examples. As long as users, investors, traders, and anyone who is concerned in a coin as a store of value grows and is being maintained at the expense of all the interested parties. 
  • Viability and progress of a project are the two more attributes that augment power to the value as the more the project grows, the higher the coin price is. A project’s team that keeps accomplishing great results, establishing profitable partnerships, or launching user-friendly software makes the idea more valuable in the crypto business. All these metrics add an immensely positive donation to the project and give the value of its cryptocurrency. 

How to Indicate Crypto Value?

Market capitalization is a straightforward index of the coin’s value. It identifies by multiplying the total circulating supply by the individual price of the coin. The formula market cap is Total Circulating Supply * Price of each coin. For instance, coin A has 200,000 coins in circulation; each one is worth $3, so the market cap of the crypto would be 200, 000*3=$600,000. Coin B has 100,000 with each worth $4; the market cap would be 100,000*4= $400,000. The price of Coin B is obviously higher; nevertheless, the total value of Coin A exceeds. 

The Aspects that Determine the Rise and Fall in Value of a Cryptocurrency

  • It is worth buying a coin when the manipulation from Ponzi scheme, the government, and other third-party interested personas’ side (even if a cryptocurrency is decentralized) is happening as the price automatically goes down. And when a ton of trading volume is going on and the price ranges, it’s a red flag of losing extra money shortly. 
  • Airdrops. The idea of the airdrop in the crypto market is a promotion of virtual currency projects at blockchain-based startups via having a cryptocurrency user trading in the project when it lists as an initial coin offering (ICO) on an exchange platform. 
  • Coin burning. The process of removing coins from circulation reducing the total supply forever. 
  • Rebranding is one more element that affects the loss in value. 
  • Hardfork. A fundamental change to a coin’s network protocol that validates previously invalid blocks and transactions value, or vice-versa. 

What Increases a Cryptocurrency Value?

  • A coin creation comes with direct costs and opportunity expenses that impact the estimation of the currency. 
  • Once the need for fiat money abates, the value and price of a coin scale up.
  • The usability of a cryptocurrency majorly boosts its value which can be witnessed through the number of exchanges being completed on online swap tools. 
  • Node count is another pointer and stands for the number of active virtual wallets assessment. Here is how to check it on the landing page of crypto: scan for the node count and the market capitalization of a specific crypto coin compare those two markers with different crypto. 
  • And, eventually, as it has been mentioned above, supply and demand. Regardless of individuals preferring to purchase or sell a coin, the effectiveness goes up either way. 


All the components, situations, and technicalities that determine the value of an electronic currency have been discussed; however, it is truly hard for crypto coin developers and each coin’s blockchain network architects to match the demand volume as it keeps expanding meanwhile the supply is limited. That is why so many crypto coins have been created lately with extremely high prices. 

Making a coin consistent value storage and a medium of exchange for goods and services globally; to sustain value against inflation; to facilitate an exchange for easier and faster transportation and transfer; to exist outside the control of central banks, governments, and other intermediaries, and other goals sound absolutely possible if the potential of an e-currency rises thanks to people’s needs and desires. 

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