The Wave Stable Asset Yield Fund is designed to capture attractive yields with minimal volatility and low beta to cryptocurrency price movements. 

10 May, 2022, Los Angeles, USWave Financial LLC (Wave), the SEC regulated digital asset investment management company, is pleased to announce that following increased investor demand, it is launching its 8th digital asset fund with over $60m in committed seed capital, which will complement its existing offerings that include an index, real asset, income, VC and NFT funds. The Wave Stable Asset Yield Fund (SAYF) is designed to deploy capital via stablecoins into decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms to generate a target yield of 8-12% per annum and will have an emphasis on low volatility as historically exhibited by stablecoins. The fund will also offer monthly dividend and liquidity for maximum flexibility for the investors.

“In keeping with Wave’s objective to unlock the potential of digital assets, we created an instrument which allows high net worth and institutional investors to more easily take advantage of the yields available in the DeFi market,” says Benjamin Tsai, Co-Founder and President of Wave Financial.  “The low volatility (historically less than 1% pa) exhibited by stablecoins and the monthly redemption feature makes this instrument ideally suitable for cash management and alternative yield.”

“Digital asset capital markets are characterized by rapid innovation, generating attractive yields and high volatility. Stablecoins are an innovative tool for investors to capture those yields while limiting their exposure to the volatility,” added Henry Elder, Head of Decentralized Finance at Wave Financial and Portfolio Manager for the Wave Stable Asset Yield Fund. 

Wave Financial is one of the few digital asset managers to be regulated in the US by the SEC, which demonstrates their commitment to the highest standards of investment management. The popularity of their fund and wealth management products has resulted in AUM growth from under $100 million in 2020 to over $1 billion in 2022.

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