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Empowering Individuals and Institutions Through Digital Asset Education At No Cost

Founded In 2018 By A Team Of Highly Experienced Crypto Native And Financial Service Professionals

In 2023, Wave recognized the need for no-cost digital asset education, inspiring us to launch the Wave Digital Asset Technology Academy.

We built a team of top-tier professionals equipped with the knowledge and resources to educate organizations seeking to learn more about digital assets and its underlying technologies.


Real World Expertise Taught By Former Investigation Experts

The Wave Digital Asset Technology Academy & Advisory is led by Dr. David J Utzke, PhD, MSc, MBA, CFE, CFI, CDFE, CBA, CBD,

Learn the basic fundamentals of digital asset technology led by industry experts.

Wave continues to lean into education and regulation having recently hired Dr. Dave Utzke, former IRS CID Cybercrimes, and bringing aboard forme


We believe that Wave’s knowledge and expertise enables us to provide educational resources and advisory services around distributed ledger technology (DLT), digital asset key storage architecture and options, and related DLT matters.


We’re on a mission to empower individuals and institutions to understand the limitless possibilities of digital assets through our no-cost education service.


The Wave Digital Asset Technology Academy & Advisory program was designed to educate the masses on the importance of key management along with the various technologies and ecosystem of digital assets.


Whether you’re an individual, or private institution, we offer tailored digital asset solutions to best meet your specific needs.


Course curriculum

Bespoke digital asset education customized for your specific needs

Topic 1

Extended Reality (XR)

  • item
    Overview of XR: What is the difference between the Omniverse, Metaverse, and Multiverse
  • item
    XR Application and Demo
  • item
    Forensics and Investigative Methods
  • item
    Deep Fakes: XR, AI and Digital Twinning
Topic 2

Layer 2 and Layer 3 Architectural Components

  • item
    L2 & L3 Overview
  • item
    Layer 2 Protocols: Channels, Plasma, and Rollups
  • item
    Layer 3 Applications and UIs
  • item
    Layer 2 FT & NFT Assets
  • item
    Layer 2 Distributed Exchange Platforms
Topic 3

DLT-based Digital Asset Key Storage & Management

  • item
    Overview of technologies to institutionally store cryptographic digital asset keys
Topic 4

Central Bank Digital Currencies

  • item
  • item
    Architectures and Delivery Methods
Topic 5

Other Discussion Topics

  • item
    Technology and Financial Cybercrime Investigations Best Practices
  • item
    Digital Asset Tokenization: Synthetics, XR Virtual Assets, XR Virtual, and Other Digital Assets
  • item
    The Developing Use Case of Tokenization of RWAs (Real World Assets) and IR-LAs (In Real-Life Assets) in Banking and Finance
  • item
    AI, Quantum Computing, and other emerging technologies.

Advisory Services & Key Management Solutions

In addition to our education program, Wave provides unique solutions for the public and private sectors using technologically advanced methods to secure digital asset keys and metadata.

Customized Key
Management Solutions

One of the biggest challenges faced is key management and the general understanding of the underlying technologies. Almost all 24,000 digital assets currently in circulation have a different key Digital Signature Algorithm making it extremely difficult to store these assets.

Rather than custody where a user does not hold the key to their DLT-based digital assets, we provide unique key storage solutions using advanced methodologies that allow law enforcement, regulatory agencies, bankruptcy receivers, financial institutions, hedge funds, and more to control the keys to their assets.

Step 1

Inventory of the Digital Assets

This includes identifying the type of assets, number of assets, and valuation.

Step 2

Considering the Options

There are several options to consider from conducting an auction or simply converting to USD. This will depend on the specific situation such as the current key management method, variety, type, quantity, and the timeframe for disposal.

Step 3


Establish the Value of Your Assets

The value of your digital assets may take into consideration certain conditions including, but are not limited to, market demand within a the current period, a large quantity relative to the size of the market, current market conditions for the asset, and limited time allowed for completion of the asset.

Step 4

Develop a Clearly Defined Plan

Taking into account your specific needs, our experienced team develops a methodical plan to best maximize the value of your digital assets.


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This website is for general informational purposes only. Education services are provided by Wave Digital Assets Technology Academy (“Wave Academy”). Nothing on this page should be viewed as an offer of investment advisory services provided by Wave Academy’s affiliate. Nothing herein is an offer to buy or sell, or the solicitation of any offer to buy, any security or interest in any investment vehicle.



Our team has deep institutional experience managing third-party capital across traditional and decentralized finance, in particular venture capital, derivative, lending, and staking expertise.

In addition, we have built strong relationships with institutional service providers leveraging our blockchain and digital assets network across the world.

Treasury Management

Wave’s Corporate Treasury Management services include digital asset lending programs and derivative strategies designed to capture additional yield and fine-tune risk, with a range of qualified custodians and counter-parties. Wave also operates across multiple DeFi protocols for lending, borrowing, trading, yield farming, staking, and mining. Wave applies our deep experience in digital asset strategies to bespoke risk managed portfolios. Wave Digital Assets is SEC regulated focused exclusively on digital assets, and have a fiduciary duty to protect our clients.

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Wealth Management

Your ultimate solution for digital asset portfolio management, combining custody, execution, and tailored investment strategies.

Wave Digital Assets is a leader and pioneer in digital asset investment management. We are focused exclusively on digital assets, our offering is designed to provide the ultimate all-in-one portfolio solution for corporate and individual investors, and we have taken steps to ensure that assets are secure, growing, and generating income.

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Protocol Inventory Management

Tokenized staking fund for your protocol. Programmable liquidity through fully-compliant global exchanges. We deal with all the administrative hurdles providing you the ease of use

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