Digital Conferences

Digital Asset Perspectives

Wave Financial hosted a virtual conference featuring thought leaders in blockchain technology and digital asset investment.

Virtual Conference Recordings

Please see below for a list of recorded conference keynotes and sessions. This event was a great opportunity to hear from Wave Financial partners about the state of the digital assets market and the strategies behind our fund and investment management offerings.

Opening Keynote

Charles Hoskinson

Founder & CEO, IOHK

Investment Panel

Michael Arrington

Founder & Partner, Arrington XRP Capital

Kyle Samani

Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Multicoin Capital

Aaron McDonald

Founder, Centrality

Robert Wescott

President, Keybridge Research

Brock Pierce

Co-Founder & Board Member, EOS Alliance

Derivatives Panel

Ben Tsai

President, Wave Financial

Ari Paul

CIO & Managing Partner, BlockTower Capital

Nicolas Bertrand

Head of Equities & Derivatives, LSE

Anand Gomes

Chief Executive Officer, Paradigm

Catherine Coley

Chief Executive Officer, Binance US

Digital Securities Panel

Monica Singer

Creator of Opportunities, ConsenSys

Ben Jessel

Contributor - Crypto & Blockchain, Forbes

Arthur Breitman

Co-Founder, Tezos

Sheila Warren

Head of Blockchain & Digital Currency, WEF

Henry Elder

Director - Investment Strategies, Wave Financial

Closing Keynote

Tim Draper

Founding Partner, Draper Associates

Digital Asset Perspectives II

June 25, 2020