Digital Conferences

Digital Asset Perspectives III

Wave Financial hosted a virtual conference featuring thought leaders in blockchain technology and digital asset investment.

Virtual Conference Recordings

Please see below for a list of recorded conference keynotes and sessions. This event was a great opportunity to hear from Wave Financial partners about the state of the digital assets market and the strategies behind our fund and investment management offerings.

Derivatives Panel

Ben Tsai

President, Wave Financial

Dmitry Tokarev

CEO, Cooper

Cynthia Wu

Head of Sales/Marketing,

Mike McGlone

Bloomberg Intelligence

Staking Panel

Constantin Kogan

Managing Director, Wave Financial

James Slazas

Founding Partner, DARMA Capital

Stani Kulechov

Founder & CEO Aave

Marcus Maute

Managing Partner at Tavis Digital

Daniel Cawrey

CoinDesk Markets and Co-author of Mastering Blockchain

Lending Panel

Henry Elder

Managing Director, Wave Financial

Nick Carmi


Dan Held

Growth Lead, Kraken

Martin Garcia

Managing Director, Genesis Trading


Michael Saylor

Founder & CEO, Microstrategy


Brad Garlinghouse

CEO, Ripple

Yield Farming Panel

Travis Blane

COO of Zapper

Tyler Scott Ward

Co-founder of Barnbridge

Keegan Selby

Founder of a DeFi fund

Rahilla Zafar

Advisory Board Wave Financial

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